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Save the Earth! It is the only planet with chocolate.

„With the rain forest you can make millions“

Years ago that was what my economic teacher says and that was and is disgusting.

Yes, I know that this is the idea of many businessmen.

The forests are cleared to plantations for agriculture by there the companys cut down rainforest with the size of a football field. These large areas are destroyed for soy plants as food for big farms in developed countries. They buy the soy from countries such as Brazil at affordable prices, so that we can eat cheap steaks, chicken nuggets etc.
A study explains that in 2030 about 55 percent of the rain forest will be disappeared, if the destruction continues as before. And that is a big problem because the missing rain forest can’t reduce any more CO2 and without oxygen we will die.
But the rain forest is just one of many examples of how careless we are about destroying our planet. Some professors say that in the next 100 years about 50 percent of today’s animal and plant life will be gone. That would be a masses dead.
But the nature will fight back and we feel it already. 2006 about 24,000 people have died just becuase of nature catastrophes. So it’s like playing with fire – without our planet we are not able to live.

In the nature everything has a meaning and place, there is no waste of resources. People simply don’t enjoy this harmony.

Nature doesn’t need the man, but the man needs nature!
















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